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Bear Lake RV Park 2022-2023 Board Information

President: Chris Fleming – (801) 436-4296 – [email protected]
Vice President: Dave Tyszko – [email protected]
Member at Large: Sue Williams – [email protected]
Treasurer: Luanne Porter – (801) 645-2597 – [email protected]
Secretary: Cathy Szumigala – [email protected]

Architectural Committee

Tami Snyder       801-725-0760     [email protected]
Lynda Huss         801-675-1201     [email protected]
Steve Mott         801 349-6882      [email protected]

Governance Committee

Barbara Berry    801-644-8482     [email protected]
Ken Miller           801-540-0982     [email protected]
Jan Davis              801-540-6179     [email protected]
Judy Smith          801-529-8777     [email protected]

Maintenance Committee (Looking for Volunteers, please contact Henry Hanft if interested)

Henry Hanft    801-608-7394    [email protected]
John Poorte    623-680-0638     [email protected]

CC&Rs Committee