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Bear Lake RV Park is a unique RVing community. Nestled in the hills of Fish Haven, ID. the park has numerous amazing views of Bear Lake. The lots here are privately owned and enjoyed mostly on weekends when the owners and their guests come up to boat, fish, hike, go ATVing through the hills, ride bikes and many other fun outdoor activities for the weekend before heading back to their homes in the cities.

The park does offer four guest bath houses that have toilets and a sink, but no showers. We also have a cabin which can be used for game night and doing your laundry. There is a bathroom in the cabin and exercise equipment in the loft. There are three large dumpsters across from the cabin as well as an RV dump station.

This is a gated community so anyone interested in looking to own a lot here will need a real estate agent or current owner to get them in the park.

The roads are unpaved and there are lots of trees and sunflowers around the park, keeping this park a part of the natural beauty of the area. It’s not unusual to see a mama moose and her calf strolling through the park, as well as does and their fawns and even a buck now and then! A lot of work done in the park is accomplished through volunteers who take pride in maintaining and improving are little piece of paradise.

Come and join us and become part of the group that calls this “Our Happy Place”.

Warm regards,
The Bear Lake RV Park Family

Park Entrance